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Guittard Pastel Assorted Mint Wafers

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Assorted Mint Wafers


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Guittard Mint Wafers are a mint flavored compound coating chocolate. Guittard Mint Wafers don’t require to be tempered prior to use. They can be melted using a double boiler, put in a glass bowl in a microwave as well as several other methods. The Guittard Mint Wafers are very similar to the Guittard Apeels, however they are slightly larger in diameter and pack a nice little minty taste! The Guittard Chocolate Company is one of only ten chocolate makers in the US, and one of few that works directly with growers, long before harvest. An expert team at Guittard travels the world, working closely with growers to assess the development of individual crops and to oversee the fermentation and drying process of the cacao beans. Whether working with the bold and traditional, or the unique flavors and characteristics of rare heirloom varieties, Guittard is constantly searching for that elusive blend or single origin bean from which to develop a whole new and exciting chocolate experience.

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