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Shop By Country

Looking to discover new and exciting treats from across the globe? At World Wide Chocolate, it's easy to find chocolates and candies from a number of countries. From the classic chocolates found in Belgium, France and Switzerland to surprising specialty candy from places like Madagascar and Venezuela, you'll love being a gourmet traveler when you shop on our site. Click on any country to see all the brands we carry from that location, whether you want Swiss chocolate from Lindt chocolates or French chocolate Valrhona. Shopping by country allows you to discover new brands you may have never found before or find more products by some of your most-loved brands. This currently lists brands & their respective location of manufacturing. Soon to come: Shop by origin of Cocoa Beans!

World Wide Chocolate

Our selection of European, North American and South American chocolate includes a wide variety of options depending on your tastes and your snacking preferences. You'll find milk, dark and white chocolate either plain or with some delicious flavorings or mix-ins to create more complex flavors. We also carry a number of brands who produce fair-trade and organic chocolates. You can even choose chocolates from areas of the world where the cocoa beans are actually grown, like those from Ecuador, Madagascar and Venezuela. Others prefer their chocolate from the places in the world most famous for their chocolate-making techniques, such as Belgium and Switzerland.

Each and every brand at World Wide Chocolate has something unique to offer. These countries have their own unique takes on the perfect piece of chocolate, so if you truly love this treat, you'd be wise to sample something from them all! Discover the chocolate flavors from around the world and get the best prices on high-quality, gourmet products when you shop at country at World Wide Chocolate.

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