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Specialty Chocolate Foods

In addition to providing all of the best gourmet chocolate products, World Wide Chocolate also carries specialty chocolate foods and other items. Some of these contain chocolate while others are simply useful when working with chocolate. There are useful baking items that work well when crafting chocolate desserts and pastries. We also carry interesting chocolate drinks and other fun products that don't necessarily fit into one of our other categories. If you'd like to find some interesting products made by some of your favorite chocolate manufacturers, look no further than our specialty chocolate foods section.

Madecasse Chocolate - "100% Bourbon Vanilla", 3 Piece[ Top ]
Ibarra Mexican Chocolate - Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate, 18.6oz.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Be sure to get all of the delicious flavors that you need to include in your chocolate desserts by including some of our baking flavoring products in your order. For example, you can use some of our vanilla bean pods to flavor all kinds of different desserts and candies. Other specialty chocolate food items include interesting chocolate drinks. Try our Mexican hot chocolate for a completely new hot chocolate experience. We even carry some specialty coffee that is made by our premium chocolate manufacturers. All of the products in our specialty foods section are created by the same premium chocolatiers that you love. Some of these include Madecasse Chocolate, Ibarra and Slitti. This ensures that all of our specialty products are made with the same care as our chocolate products.

World Wide Chocolate is your premier online source for all things chocolate. We work hard to keep a large stock of different gourmet chocolate products that our customers love. Some of these include premium baking chocolate, delicious chocolate bars and artisan truffles, and even organic chocolate and chocolate that meets dietary restrictions. We get our chocolate products from manufacturers all over the world and provide them to you at reasonable prices. Browse our selection of gourmet domestic and imported chocolates to find your new favorite sweet treat.

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