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Valrhona Chocolate Bars - 85g/2.99oz

Valrhona Chocolate Bars - 85g/2.99oz

There is nothing quite like the simple pleasure of a high-quality chocolate bar. Treat yourself to the delicious flavor of a Valrhona chocolate bar by ordering from World Wide Chocolate. These 85-gram chocolate bars come in several different cocoa content levels and feature a variety of flavors and fillings. Choose from both dark chocolate and milk chocolate options, depending on your personal taste. Dark chocolate bars feature a deeper chocolate flavor while milk chocolate bars have a sweeter, less-intense flavor.

Valrhona Chocolate - "Manjari Orange", Dark Chocolate, 64% Cocoa, 85g/2.99oz.[ Top ]
Valrhona Chocolate - "Jivara Pecan", Milk Chocolate with split Pecans, 40% Cocoa, 85g/2.99oz.[ Top ]
Valrhona Chocolate - "Guanaja Grue", Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, 70% Cocoa, 85g/2.99oz[ Top ]
Valrhona French Chocolate - Milk Chocolate with hints of Caramel and Crunchy Pearls Lait Caramelia 36% Cocoa Bar, 85g/2.99oz.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

These Valrhona chocolate bars are filled with delicious flavor additives and fillings. Some of the flavors include orange and caramel flavors. Some of these chocolate bars have delicious fillings such as pecans, cocoa nibs and crunchy pearls. These additions give our chocolate bars added flavor and a delicious crunchy texture that you'll love. All Valrhona chocolate is made from premium ingredients sourced from the best cocoa beans in the world. These chocolate bars are crafted by expert chocolatiers in the heart of France's Rhone Valley. Order single packages or opt for our wholesale chocolate bar options.

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