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Valor Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

Valor Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

When it comes to Spanish chocolate, few companies are as sought-after or as decorated as Valor. Valor began nearly 150 years ago in 1881 as the livelihood of Valeriano López Lloret - known as Señor Valor - who leased his services to produce chocolates for wealthy Valencian families. Since then, Valor has grown through several production changes, wars and other challenges to become one of Spain's premier chocolate production companies. Recognized the world over for its high-quality cocoa and chocolate bars, the Valor company produces a wide range of chocolate products to satisfy the diverse cravings of its international customer base. At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to supply a sizeable selection of Valor's current chocolate line at highly-affordable prices. Learn more about the history and many tastes of Valor below, and place your order with us today!

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A Storied Spanish History

The company known today as Valor, one of the premier chocolate companies in the world, started small. It began in 1881 as the single livelihood of Señor Valor, a Villajoyosa, Alicante local who leased his services to produce chocolates for wealthy Valencian families. Señor Valor soon began producing chocolate from his own home, slowly growing his company and passing the torch to his son, Vicente López Soler. Over the next several decades, the Valor company grew with the advent of new technology such as electricity, weathering unwelcome changes such as the Spanish Civil War, World Wars I and II and the major economic recession of the 40s and 50s. Through it all, Valor stayed true to quality and hard work, introducing 100% pure chocolate free of any vegetable fats as one of its staple products in 1968. Soon, Valor began to expand to across Spain, reaching audiences World Wide with its exceptional chocolate creations.

Valor Chocolate at World Wide Chocolate

Today, Valor produces a wide range of high-quality chocolate products consumed by chocolate connoisseurs the world over. At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry nearly all of them. Whether you are craving Valor sugar free chocolate or classic Valor chocolate bars, our online store is the place to shop. Search our selection below, and place your order with us now!

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