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Valrhona Chocolate Squares

Valrhona Chocolate Squares

Keep tasty, single-serving treats around your home or business by ordering Valrhona chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate. These delicious squares are like miniature versions of our premium Valrhona chocolate bars. They come in the same delicious flavors and cocoa contents. They're also available in larger bulk sizes, so that you can make sure that you have plenty of bite-sized chocolate squares for your family, party guests or other chocolate-lovers. These bulk packages are idea for parties, gifts and businesses.

Valrhona French Chocolate - Bulk Squares Manajari 64% Cocoa, 50ct/bg[ Top ]
Valrhona French Chocolate - Bulk Squares Caraibe 66% Cocoa, 50ct/bg.[ Top ]
Valrhona French Chocolate - Bulk Squares Jivara 40% Cocoa, 50ct/bg[ Top ]
Valrhona French Chocolate - Bulk Squares Guanaja 70% Cocoa, 50ct/bag[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Valrhona chocolate squares are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate options. Pay attention to the cocoa content percentage to choose the perfect flavor for you. Milk chocolate squares contain approximately 40 percent cocoa while dark chocolate squares have cocoa levels of 60 percent to 70 percent. These high-quality chocolates are made from cocoa beans sourced from South America, the Caribbean and Africa. After they've been harvested, the beans are processed and turned into chocolate products by expert chocolatiers in France's Rhone Valley.

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