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Valrhona Chocolate Feves

Valrhona Chocolate Feves

Chocolate feves are a wonderful alternative to traditional chocolate chips. These delicious chocolate pieces are made in oval-shaped discs with indents in the center. They're ideal for melting as well as adding chocolate chunks to a variety of different dessert recipes. Chocolate feves work especially well as substitutes for chocolate chips in your favorite chocolate chip recipe. The flattened shape of the wafers provides layers of melted chocolate throughout your cookies rather than small pockets of chocolate that occur with traditional chips. Valrhona chocolate feves from World Wide Chocolate are a great option as they are made with premium cocoa beans and other high-quality ingredients.

World Wide Chocolate

Valrhona chocolate feves are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and specialty flavor options. Dark chocolate feves come in several different cocoa content and source options. Opt for a lighter dark chocolate with our 55 percent or 61 percent chocolate wafers. Or, choose strong 70 percent or 85 percent chocolate pieces. These baking chocolate pieces are made with cocoa beans grown in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Africa, the Caribbean and more. Valrhona milk chocolate feves offer a sweeter, less intense chocolate flavor. These also come in several different cocoa content percentages, from 30 to 40 percent.

If you prefer sweet and milky white chocolate, you're in luck. We also offer Valrhona white chocolate feves. These Ivoire white chocolate wafers are lightly sweetened and feature a warm milk and vanilla flavor. To achieve the special white chocolate flavor, these pieces are made with 35 percent pure cocoa butter. If plain chocolate isn't what you're looking for, we also offer Valrhona specialty chocolate feves. These chocolate wafers are made in special flavors that can enhance many different desserts. Choose the Dulcey feves for a white chocolate with a slight caramel flavor. Or, opt for the Caramelia if you'd prefer a milk chocolate and caramel flavor. All of these chocolate pieces are certified kosher. Each flavor is offered in both personal and bulk sizes.

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