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Valrhona Pearls

Valrhona Pearls

Chocolate pearls are an elegant and visually appealing way to add bits of chocolate to a baking recipe. They can be added to the batter of cakes, pancakes and other pastries or they can be used as a decorative touch added at the end of the baking process. Valrhona chocolate pearls from World Wide Chocolate are an excellent choice as they're made with premium ingredients and feature a unique chocolate flavor. These premium Valrhona les perles come in several different varieties. Some are made from solid chocolate while others feature chocolate-covered crunchy cereal pearls. Both options come in different flavors and add a lovely touch to any sweet recipe.

Valrhona French Chocolate - "Les Perles Craquantes" Crunchy Cereal Pearls Coated in Dark Chocolate, 55% Cocoa[ Top ]
Valrhona "Les Perles" Small Round Chips Dark Chocolate 55% Cocoa[ Top ]
Valrhona "Les Perles Craquantes" Crunchy Cereal Pearls Coated in Milk Chocolate, Caramel Flavored, 36% Cocoa[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Valrhona solid chocolate baking pearls can be thought of as a sophisticated version of traditional chocolate chips. Rather than the normal chip shape, they have the appearance of polished round pearls that look wonderful when used as a garnish for cakes, ice cream and other desserts. These chocolate perles come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate options. Each type features intense chocolate flavor mixed with a smooth texture. They work well in cookies, muffins, brownies and even mousse. These chocolate drops are made with the finest cocoa beans and cocoa butter. They're also kosher certified - Triangle K dairy.

If you'd like to add chocolate pearls to your recipe and you'd like some extra texture, opt for the Valrhona crunchy pearls. These pearls are made from crunchy cereal pieces which are coated in chocolate. They come in several different flavor options from dark chocolate to caramel-flavored crunchy pearls covered in milk chocolate. Each one is filled with toasted puffed cereal and covered in premium Valrhona chocolate. They can easily be eaten as is for a sweet snack. They're also ideal for adding a textured garnish to ice cream and mousse dishes. Just like the solid chocolate pearls, the crunchy pearls are certified kosher.

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