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Valrhona Specialty Feves

Valrhona Specialty Feves

Sometimes you need to add some sweet and creamy flavor to a dessert without an overwhelming chocolate taste. Find the perfect addition to your desserts in the selection of Valrhona specialty feves from World Wide Chocolate. These premium feves are made with sweet and mild white chocolate and milk chocolate that has been enhanced with caramel and other delicious flavors. These feves can be compared to toffee chips and other specialty chocolate chip flavors. They feature an oval coin shape and are excellent additions to almost any dessert or other sweet treat.

Valrhona Chocolate - "Les Feves" "Dulcey" 32% Cocoa[ Top ]
Valrhona Chocolate - "Les Feves" "Milk Chocolate Caramelia" 34% Cocoa[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Valrhona specialty chocolate feves can be added as they are to cookies, cakes, donuts, pancakes and muffins. Their unique shape is also perfect for adding a garnish to cold desserts such as ice cream and mousse. If you'd prefer to add a delicious chocolate coating to a dessert, these feves can easily be melted down and used for dipping. These specialty chocolate wafers come in several different package sizes. Opt for a small bag for home use or take advantage of our bulk packages for wholesale pricing.

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