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Venchi Chocolate

Venchi Chocolate

Rich in both taste and history, Italian-made Venchi chocolates are among the very best in the world. The Venchi Company began in 1878 and soon gained notoriety through its high-quality ground and candied hazelnuts covered in a special type of chocolate called "nougatine." The chocolate itself eventually took on a life of its own, leading to rapid growth and an eventual merger for Venchi. Today, Venchi chocolates are enjoyed by chocolate connoisseurs World Wide and are highly sought-after for their unique taste and bold blends. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we carry a wide selection of Venchi chocolate products available for order right here on our website. Learn more about the history of Venchi below, and order your Venchi chocolates from our chocolate supply team today!

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Italy's Very Best

The story of the venerated Venchi Company begins with a special type of chocolate called "nougatine." This creamy chocolate concoction was used to coat Venchi's original ground and candied hazelnut treats (and is still used to this day). The nougatine in Venchi's confectionaries earned Silvano Venchi and his company massive popularity across Europe. In fact, Venchi's nougatine was so good that the company eventually expanded and merged with another Piedmont chocolatier by the name of "Cuba." Cuba is renowned for his unique Rum Cuneesi chocolates, which are large chocolate treats filled with a rum and chocolate paste. Today, the Cuba Venchi company is known the world over for its fidelity to quality chocolate craftsmanship across its diverse selection of over 250 products.

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It's true that some of the world's best chocolates are made in Europe - but you don't have to go overseas to enjoy your favorite chocolate treats. You don't even have to spend the premium you might expect for many gourmet chocolates. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we proudly carry an extensive selection of Venchi chocolates and other gourmet chocolate products priced low to meet the taste buds and budgets of our clientele. Browse our selection of high-quality Venchi chocolates below, and place your order with us now!

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