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While your favorite chocolates may be produced in countries like Belgium or Switzerland, what you might not realize is that many of these manufacturers source their cocoa beans from other countries. One of the top places in the world for cocoa bean production is Venezuela. In addition to having a climate that's well-suited to growing these beans, Venezuela's rich soil produces cocoa that's incredibly robust, aromatic and flavorful. If you want high-quality chocolate that comes straight from the source, you simply must try some of these delicious Venezuelan chocolates from World Wide Chocolate.

World Wide Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, Venezuela is quickly becoming a worldwide leader. While in the past the country's cocoa bean plantations focused on shipping their products off to other countries, more and more Venezuelan entrepreneurs are focusing on creating high-quality, gourmet chocolates right in their own country. By creating delicious Venezuelan candy so much closer to where the cocoa beans are actually produced, these companies are able to deliver a product with an especially pure and fresh flavor profile.

At World Wide Chocolate, we're proud to offer Venezuelan chocolates from some of the country's companies who are dedicated to crafting high-quality, artisanal treats. El Rey, for example, is a Venezuelan chocolate company that produces some truly amazing "single origin" chocolate bars. Each bar is made with cocoa beans from one specific region of the country, so chocolate lovers are able to taste the intricate differences between the flavor and aromas of the cocoa beans within the country.

If you're interested in getting a fresh perspective on your favorite treat, try some Venezuelan chocolate from World Wide Chocolate. Our selection of delicious and affordable delights are sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. In addition, you can turn to these chocolates from Venezuela if you're searching for a thoughtful gift to give any loved one for a holiday or special event.

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