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Vermicelli & Coatings

Vermicelli & Coatings

Include only the best finishing touches to your culinary masterpieces. Create the chocolate treat of your dreams with Callebaut chocolate's tasty, decorative vermicelli and perfectly crafted chocolate fountain compound. Every Callebaut product begins with sustainably grown and harvested African cacao beans that are carefully roasted in their shells by Callebaut's master blender. This process brings out the refined, distinctive taste that Callebaut chocolate has been known for since 1911.

World Wide Chocolate

Add Callebaut's fine, Belgian chocolate vermicelli sprinkles to your desserts, trifles, pastries and cakes. These tiny vermicelli chocolate pieces are available in several packaging sizes at World Wide Chocolate, from 1 to 11 pounds - purchase as little or as much as you need to add delightful fun to your gourmet designs. Callebaut's vermicelli adds a hint of premium chocolatey taste and a delicate, elegant complement to your table.

Callebaut's dark chocolate fountain compound is available in 5.5-pound packaging - once you add Callebaut's premium Belgian chocolate to your chocolate fountain or fondue, you will never trust any other type of chocolate again. Known for its workability, rich taste and excellent fluidity, this high cacao content, extra butter fountain chocolate will flow like chocolate silk from your fountains or fondue pots.

Use only the best for your gourmet entremets and see what a difference Callebaut chocolate vermicelli and coatings makes to your end results.

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