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Vintage Plantations

Vintage Plantations

Who knew eating chocolate could be so good for Mother Nature? When you order Vintage Plantations chocolate from World Wide Chocolate, you're supporting an independently owned company that has committed to the Rainforest Alliance Guidelines. That means that 100 percent of the cocoa used to make these delicious chocolate creations comes from farms that use environmentally friendly practices while also protecting the rights and welfare of their local communities. These sustainable farming methods help to maintain complex ecological systems while delivering a pure and flavorful product.

World Wide Chocolate

In addition to having excellent business practices, however, Vintage Plantations offers some of the finest Ecuadorian chocolate in the world. You'll love that their locally sourced cocoa delivers such a vast array of flavor profiles, whether it's rich, nutty tastes or a fruity and floral aroma. Because these native cocoa beans come from smaller farming operations rather than huge conglomerates, you'll get to try some truly local Ecuadorian chocolate that you wouldn't get to taste otherwise.

Our selection of Vintage Plantations chocolate at World Wide Chocolate includes a wide variety of products to suit chocolate cravings of any kind. You can snack on some Vintage Plantations chocolate bars, which come in enticing flavors like dark chocolate with salted macadamia nuts and chocolate latte mocha, or sip on a cup of Vintage Plantations hot chocolate. If you love baking delicious desserts, be sure to check out the selection of Vintage Plantations cocoa powder, cocoa bins and baking chunks in our collection. Choose from these high-quality chocolate products or pick out some perfect presents to gift your loved ones for an upcoming holiday or special occasion. At World Wide Chocolate, you'll find delicious treats like these Vintage Plantations chocolates at affordable prices every day.

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