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Werthers Originals

Werthers Originals

For many people, the taste of Werther's Originals brings back fond memories from childhood. But even if you've never tasted these popular candies before, you're sure to love these delicious caramels from World Wide Chocolate. Werther's Originals were created in the town of Werther, Germany in 1903. For more than 100 years since, the candies have continued to feature the classic creamy caramel flavor in golden individual wrappers, which has led to an iconic status in the world of sweets. People across the globe love the way these caramel-flavored hard candies melt right in your mouth for a rich and decadent experience.

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World Wide Chocolate

While the hard caramels continue to be the classic Werther's Originals candy people know and love today, there are many other flavors which you may not typically come across in stores. At World Wide Chocolate, however, you'll find a great selection of multiple candy favors from the famed Werther's brand. Try a soft caramel for a chewy and tasty twist on the classic hard candy. And if you love a good latte, you should definitely try the Werther's Originals caramel coffee flavor. While incredibly smooth and rich caramel always tastes the same, these little twists in terms of texture or flavor add a new element to the familiar experience of unwrapping that classic gold wrapper to reveal a tasty little treat.

Stock up on your favorite Werther's Originals flavors today by shopping at World Wide Chocolate. Our selection of caramel candy includes plenty of options for your own enjoyment or for giving as gifts to your loved ones. Werther's Originals make a fun gift for holidays and special occasions, or you can simply keep a bowl of them out for you and your guests to snack on in your own home. Either way, the creamy caramel taste is sure to put a smile on your face.

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