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White Chocolate Bars

White chocolate is not actually chocolate. It's more like chocolate's cousin in that it contains many of the same ingredients as milk chocolate and dark chocolate. White chocolate is just missing the one key ingredient that gives chocolate its color and makes it truly chocolate. Typically, white chocolate is made mostly from cocoa butter that has been combined with milk solids and sweetened with sugar. Sometimes, vanilla is also added to give it a little bit more flavor. The thing that's missing from white chocolate is the cocoa solids from the actual cocoa bean, which is why white chocolate is considered a derivative of chocolate. Despite not being thought of as actual chocolate, white chocolate is loved by many. Enjoy your own taste of white chocolate by ordering a gourmet white chocolate bar from World Wide Chocolate.

World Wide Chocolate

Our white chocolate bars are produced by premium chocolate manufacturers, such as Lindt, Cuba Venchi, Slitti, Green & Black's and Café Tasse. Within these gourmet chocolate brands, you'll find Swiss white chocolate bars, Italian white chocolate bars and Belgian white chocolate bars that are sure to delight. For the health-conscious, you'll also find organic white chocolate bars. Try a solid candy bar if you like to enjoy the subtleties of the plain chocolate. If you'd prefer something a little more interesting, try the Lindt white chocolate truffle bar, which features truffle filling. Other flavors and filling options include coconut, hazelnuts and more. Many of these chocolate bars come in single options as well as larger packs, such as boxes of six or 12 bars.

World Wide Chocolate is your one-stop-shop for premium-quality chocolate products. Shop our selection to find gourmet chocolate imported and sourced from all over the world. From chocolate bars to baking chocolate to delicious chocolate truffles, you'll find everything you crave at reasonable prices. You'll also receive convenient and fast shipping as well as excellent customer service when you place your order.

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