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World Wide Chocolate’s User-Submission Photo Gallery is now live! Read on below to learn how to submit your own photo and get involved.

The Gallery

We have two active galleries as of March 27th 2020, and more will be added with time. To view the entire gallery, you can click the link to the right, or in the header, hover over “community” and click “gallery.”

In the current gallery, you will be able to view WWC’s featured image gallery, and our first user-submitted photo contest gallery.

View WWC's Gallery

To Submit a Photo

First, login to your account. You must have a free account to submit a photo. Need to create an account? Login or create an account here.

Once logged-in, open up our photo contest URL, which can be done here

When you are on the page, you will e viewing our gallery! It will appear lean until we receive more submissions, so submit yours today!

To Upload

Once you are viewing our gallery, you are a few clicks away from posting your photos.

To Upload, click the “Upload” button, which is in the top left of all gallery pages:  upload

You then will be prompted with upload criteria:

upload 2

Type in your title, description (what you made, the products included, etc.), and attach your image. That’s it! Once we review and approve your submission, it will be visible for the world to see!

Commenting & Rating

Commenting and Rating one an-others photos is just as easy. Simply click on the image, and you will see the prompt below:

upload comment

You can see above where you can rate, comment, navigate, and more! That’s all there is to it!

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